Love Machine

Thank you for reminding me that the heart’s purpose is to deliver oxygen to the sacred waters that flow through me, and put my focus on the stewardship of my body and spirit. -Pixie Lighthorse

I was happy. Immensely happy. I woke up each morning thanking the sun, moon, stars, and my lover for choosing me. I was the luckiest girl on the planet.

Having the privilege of experiencing bliss makes the bitterness of loss felt more deeply. After shedding many, many tears and allowing myself to sit with the pain; feeling each sharp, jagged edge of my broken heart – I realize it’s knowing the promise that love exists that fans the flame of hope in my soul.

Every time your heart breaks, finding that kind of happiness again seems unimaginable. But each new love burns bigger and brighter than the last.

It’s out there. Waiting for me. And that makes it easier to get up and dust myself off to walk through another day.

I’ve moved forward with more ease than anticipated. With each new intimate connection, I find myself with a partner more in alignment with my values and in a healthier, more nurturing, more loving relationship.

It literally keeps getting better and better. Which means I’m on the right path. And I want to remain open for what comes next.

Hiding out and mourning the past will not make my heart available for new experiences. Setting out each day with faith, courage, compassion, love, and the willingness to share my heart with others does.

And this girl is made to love.

So get ready for it.


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