RESOLVE TO EVOLVE: Setting Your Intention for 2018
image1Saturday, January 6 | 2:00 – 4:30PM
The Floating Lotus, Little Rock
$30 PER YOGI | Register Online

The transition into the new year sparks self-inquiry and encourages us to explore infinite possibility. We set goals and resolutions to help us on the path to health, wealth and happiness, but within weeks those resolutions turn into obligations and, eventually, annoyances. They were doomed from the start because they arose from ideas that we are not good enough.

The yogic tradition ancourages us to practice
Sankalpa, or resolve. Sankalpa is based on the belief that you already are who you need to be, and by connecting to your heartfelt desires through focus of the mind, you will channel your divine energy.

• Learn the teaching of Sankalpa and how to apply it to everyday life

• Experience guided meditation and journaling to reveal your Sankalpa

• Practice yoga postures, mantras, breathing techniques and meditation to support further self-exploration in your home practice