Kids Summer Dance + Yoga Camps

Looking for a way to calm and entertain your child when the summer days get long and hot? Dance and yoga camps are a wonderful alternative to traditional daycares and babysitters. Kids will move, sing, and learn while having loads of summertime fun! Check out the schedule for Kids Summer Dance + Yoga Camps.

Summer Flexibility Series

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In this series, we will explore increasing flexibility and alleviating muscle stiffness. Each body is unique, and we hold tightness in different areas. One of the most beautiful things about the practice of yoga is that every pose is progressive, and with modifications can be adapted and incorporated into many practices. Whether you are an athlete struggling with tightness in certain areas, or you have already increased your mobility and want to further expressions of poses safely – this workshop is perfect for you!

Workshop include asana practice to warm up the muscles, one-on-one adjustments, partner work, and the breakdown of the mechanics of poses so that you get the most out of each asana. Workshops are broken into three areas: Backbends & Heart Openers, Hips & Hamstrings, and Shoulders.

Take It Back: Backbends & Heart Openers – Backbends are challenging, energizing, and increase spine mobility. In this workshop, we’ll cover alignment and the biomechanics of heart openers to help you safely establish optimal movement in your backbends. All levels welcome.

June 17 – Little Rock, AR
Barefoot Studio | Info + Registration

July 22 – Memphis, TN
Downtown Yoga | Info+ Registration

Happy Hips & Hamstrings – Tight hips and hamstrings can contribute to a number of problems including lower back pain, stress on the knees, and a general lack of mobility. In this workshop, we will explore opening the hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and lower back. This workshop is perfect for runners and cyclists. All levels welcome.

July 15 – Little Rock, AR
Barefoot Studio | Info + Registration

August 12 – Memphis, TN
Downtown Yoga | Info + Registration

Unlocking the Shoulders – Most of us hold tightness and tension in the neck and shoulders. With daily tasks such as sitting at a desk or driving, the upper back and shoulders round forward and create a muscle imbalance creating pain and restricting range of motion. In this workshop, we will explore ways to unlock tightness and tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back through twists and binds. All levels welcome.

August 5 – Little Rock, AR
Barefoot Studio | Info + Registration