Southwestern Veggie Scramble

I figured out in my early 20s that if I don't plan and prepare my meals in advance, I'm probably not going to eat. (Vata anyone?) The only problem with meal prep is the monotony. Some people are okay eating the same thing 5 days in a row. Others refuse to touch leftovers. I'm somewhere in the … Continue reading Southwestern Veggie Scramble


Potato, Egg + Chorizo Breakfast Tacos

Confession: This recipe is not textbook definition healthy. But it is good for your soul. Breakfast tacos have one of my favorite breakfast foods since I was a kid, but after moving to Austin in November 2003, they became an integral part of life. They're cheap, fast, easy, filling, and delicious. You can throw almost anything in … Continue reading Potato, Egg + Chorizo Breakfast Tacos

Two Month Countdown

Now this is a work of culinary art. In two short months I'll be leading my first yoga retreat in Paa Mul, Mexico at Copal Retreat. I'm overjoyed (I'm talking over the moon and back excited, here) to have the opportunity to merge to of my most favorite activities - yoga and travel! I'm not a hotel kind … Continue reading Two Month Countdown