New Moon Ritual for Intention Setting

The New Moon is the beginning and end of the lunar cycle. This is the time when the moon is directly between earth and the sun, and becomes backlit making it appear invisible. But even though we cannot see the moon, we know she is there. This phase of darkness offers an opportunity to reflect inward, and to plant the seeds of new intention.

This is my favorite ritual for calling in the energy of intention. There isn’t a right or wrong way, so add and omit anything to make this ritual your own.


Step 1: Create a sacred space. 
I usually use my coffee table so I have lots of room and a comfortable, shag rug to camp out on. I arrange pictures, crystals, herbs, flowers, candles, malas, my Moon Deck, and my journal for writing down my intentions.

Step 2: Get grounded. 
I begin by clearing the energetic space by burning Palo Santo (Most people smudge with sage, but I’m not a huge fan of the odor.). Then I spend a few moments practicing Sama Vritti, or any other pranayama technique that helps me move inwards with a mudra (symbolic hand gesture) that will aid in the intentions I’ve been considering. There are several New Moon Meditations of various lengths available on the free app, Insight Timer, if you prefer a guided meditation.

Step 3: What have you been dreaming of? 
Consider the things you’ve been longing for lately, and notice the recurring images, feelings, and thoughts that appear. Often, our intentions stem from our recurring desires.

Step 3: Make a list. 
List what you’d like to draw into your life that can help you achieve your dreams and goals. Dream big! The New Moon is a time to visualize what you truly want so that you can turn it into reality.

I usually draw a card from the Moon Deck at this point for guidance regarding things to consider in this new journey.

Step 4: Symbolic acts. 
If you intend to start a new journey that will require you to leave something behind, you may write some of those things down and burn them like in the Full Moon ritual. If you want to invite love into your life, maybe put a rose quartz and lavender onto a small bowl or pouch along with some of the qualities you seek.

Step 5: Keep your dreams alive! 
The hardest part isn’t setting the intention, it’s making a consistent effort to turn it into reality. How can you keep yourself aware moving forward? Some people place intentions under their pillow, or on their nightstand. Others place them on their alter, or taped to the bathroom mirror where they’ll see them daily. I personally make an effort to journal about my progress.

Step 6: Follow up. 
Remember that each new moon falls in a zodiac sign has its corresponding full moon six months later (see a list here). Think of your intentions in two week/6 month cycles. At the full moon, note progress and find ways to take actions on the intentions you’ve whether it’s moving towards completion, finding you need a change of direction, or scratching it all together.

The next New Moon is Saturday, March 17 in Pisces. Here are some things to consider when exploring intention setting for this lunar cycle. I hope that your lady luna adventures prove to be as insightful, healing, and inspiring as mine.  xx


Full Moon Ritual for Release

The Full Moon represents a time for releasing the things that no longer serve us. It could pertain to projects, relationships, negative thoughts, beliefs, or behavior patterns – pretty much anything that might be holding us back from truly loving ourselves.

This is my favorite full moon ritual that is designed to help you cleanse and release the energies and burdens that you no longer wish to carry forward with you.

You will need:
Two bowls
Palo santo, sage, etc. (optional)
Crystals, malas, or any other special items (optional)

Step 1: Create a sacred space.
Find a quiet, uncluttered, comfortable place to sit and place your special objects around you. Place the lit candle in front of you along with the bowls (one filled with water).

Step 2: Get centered.
Close your eyes and take several deep breaths in and out through your nose. My preference is to practice Sama Vritti Pranayama (Equal Movement Breath). For several minutes until I am feeling calm, grounded, and centered.

To practice Sama Vritti:
Inhale to a count of four
Hold the inhale for a count of four
Exhale for a count of four
Hold the exhale for a count of four

You can play with the length of counts, but the goal is to have the length match so that it is equal. It can also be helpful to visualize a square shape while practicing this breath.

Step 3: Make a list.
Write a list of the things that are limiting you and holding you back. Once your list has been completed, sign and date it.

Step 4: Say goodbye.
Close your eyes and take several deep breaths in and out through your nose. Make some statement (either internally, or externally) declaring your intention to release. It can be anything from, “I release you,” to “I forgive you and am letting you go,” or anything in between.

Step 5: Burn baby burn.
Place a corner of the paper under the flame and once ignited, place the paper in the bowl. If you notice that the paper has trouble burning, consider whether you are truly ready to let go. The faster the paper burns, the more willing you are to release and move forward.

Step 6: Wash yourself clean.
Place your hands in the water to signify rinsing away the residue from the things you are releasing.

NOTES: There are tons of full moon rituals to explore, and variations of this one. Some people practice this ritual with others, while some prefer solo. Some like to burn the items individually, others like to keep the list or rip it to shreds. Instead of placing hands in water, some people like to take a bath or shower. The sky is the limit! There isn’t a right or wrong way. It’s your intention that matters.

I practice this ritual because writing the things that are weighing me down is cathartic. By expressly writing these items down, I am acknowledging and accepting that these things no longer serve me in a positive manner, and by doing so I am holding myself accountable for their release.

Letting shit go IS NOT my strongest suit, so the act of using fire to consume and water to wash away is an important symbolic part of the process.

I hope these ideas serve as a starting point for you.

Happy New Year, Wolf Moon, Cancer Full Moon, AND Supermoon. We’ve got so, so much energy working in our favor tonight.