Mother Earth’s Lessons in Love

0E683B1B-5370-4FAD-B818-D2F821557C68-56024-00002AAD7AE58AC0This morning I was reminded that our greatest teacher, Mother Earth, sometimes has trouble letting go.

We are a quarter of they way through the month of April, and it was 34 degrees when I bundled up in my full length, furry-hooded coat to take Mr. Darcy out this morning. As we walked down the sidewalk lined with frosted spring flowers, I couldn’t help but relate to the Great Mother’s unwillingness to surrender to a new season.

It’s hard to move forward when you recognize love in something. Nobody can avoid falling in love. Especially when it is an organic love, sprouted from a mysterious seed that developed into the most exquisite bloom imaginable. One of those loves where you know the universe has your back. You can feel it fighting for your souls to connect because the coincidences are too many, too strange, and too strong.

The love we carry inside of us is a force of nature. It pulses through us, and spreads to everything it touches. The earth, and our love, has a circular rhythm. A cycle. As the seasons change, so do our lives, our relationships, and the way we give and receive love.

How strange it is to find yourself at the juncture, and realize your love is moving in different directions. How strange it is that after all that, we are once again strangers who may not cross paths again.

This morning, I sent out a little prayer to the Universe hoping you’re okay. That it’s okay. That all the parts of you I remember are still there, and that you grow stronger, wiser, and find more peace each day. I pray that you’re healing, and that you’re happy. Even if it’s not with me. Thank you for being part of my journey, and allowing me to take part in yours.


Full Moon Ritual for Release

The Full Moon represents a time for releasing the things that no longer serve us. It could pertain to projects, relationships, negative thoughts, beliefs, or behavior patterns – pretty much anything that might be holding us back from truly loving ourselves.

This is my favorite full moon ritual that is designed to help you cleanse and release the energies and burdens that you no longer wish to carry forward with you.

You will need:
Two bowls
Palo santo, sage, etc. (optional)
Crystals, malas, or any other special items (optional)

Step 1: Create a sacred space.
Find a quiet, uncluttered, comfortable place to sit and place your special objects around you. Place the lit candle in front of you along with the bowls (one filled with water).

Step 2: Get centered.
Close your eyes and take several deep breaths in and out through your nose. My preference is to practice Sama Vritti Pranayama (Equal Movement Breath). For several minutes until I am feeling calm, grounded, and centered.

To practice Sama Vritti:
Inhale to a count of four
Hold the inhale for a count of four
Exhale for a count of four
Hold the exhale for a count of four

You can play with the length of counts, but the goal is to have the length match so that it is equal. It can also be helpful to visualize a square shape while practicing this breath.

Step 3: Make a list.
Write a list of the things that are limiting you and holding you back. Once your list has been completed, sign and date it.

Step 4: Say goodbye.
Close your eyes and take several deep breaths in and out through your nose. Make some statement (either internally, or externally) declaring your intention to release. It can be anything from, “I release you,” to “I forgive you and am letting you go,” or anything in between.

Step 5: Burn baby burn.
Place a corner of the paper under the flame and once ignited, place the paper in the bowl. If you notice that the paper has trouble burning, consider whether you are truly ready to let go. The faster the paper burns, the more willing you are to release and move forward.

Step 6: Wash yourself clean.
Place your hands in the water to signify rinsing away the residue from the things you are releasing.

NOTES: There are tons of full moon rituals to explore, and variations of this one. Some people practice this ritual with others, while some prefer solo. Some like to burn the items individually, others like to keep the list or rip it to shreds. Instead of placing hands in water, some people like to take a bath or shower. The sky is the limit! There isn’t a right or wrong way. It’s your intention that matters.

I practice this ritual because writing the things that are weighing me down is cathartic. By expressly writing these items down, I am acknowledging and accepting that these things no longer serve me in a positive manner, and by doing so I am holding myself accountable for their release.

Letting shit go IS NOT my strongest suit, so the act of using fire to consume and water to wash away is an important symbolic part of the process.

I hope these ideas serve as a starting point for you.

Happy New Year, Wolf Moon, Cancer Full Moon, AND Supermoon. We’ve got so, so much energy working in our favor tonight.