Shakti Energy: Invoking the Goddesses

Saturday, August 24 
Barefoot Studio
$40 | Register

Did you know that the goddess deities are all archetypes, and that at this very moment you are carrying aspects of the goddesses within you? The strength of Durga, creativity of Sarasvati, and loving abundance of Lakshmi are always present, readily accessible, and helpful while navigating throughout the world.

In this workshop you will learn stories of the goddesses, their personalities and aspects of a universal power, and how to identify their qualities within you so that you can appreciate and fully utilize your individual gifts. You will explore ways to invoke the goddess archetypes through meditation, visualization, inner dialogue, and mantra to help bring healing, light, and energy to your body and mind. The more you understand and contemplate these energies, the more they will guide and come alive within you! 

Advance registration is required in order to ensure we have enough printed materials. This workshop is lecture based, so please dress comfortably and bring a writing utensil.

*CEU’s through the Yoga Alliance are available for yoga instructors.