Working With Gymnasts

A few weeks ago, I received an email from one of the local gymnastics coaches asking if I’d be interested in working with their junior olympic team. It seems that the new floor routines involve far more traditional dancing than there has been in recent years. Basically, they need to become more “graceful.”

I’ve had two Saturday mornings with their competitive gymnasts Levels 4-6. I get an hour with each group which is doable since they’re already warm. The younger gymnasts are still learning body control and the basics like my Level I ballerinas, but I’m amazed by how strong the older girls already are. Alas, I’ve noticed a direct correlation between age, strength, and… well… the stiffest port de bras I’ve ever encountered. Bending elbows and softening hands is going to be quite the challenge, but I love their enthusiasm, positivity, and dedication!

photo 969498_10151488864807256_1069070893_n