I’ve been studying movement my entire life. I studied Dance Performance at SMU in Dallas, and then moved to Austin where I began performing professionally and teaching dance on the side. An ankle injury in 2008 ruined my life (temporarily) until it forced me to realize I was in love with teaching and choreographing dance. I pivoted away from my own dancing to focus on serving others through dance education. (Read more about my dance life + creds.)

Looking for a way to move without aggravating my ankle, I strutted into my first vinyasa class in an Uptown Dallas studio in fall 2011 (thinking I owned the place) and promptly had my ass handed to me. I was shocked to find that yoga challenged me physically, mentally, and emotionally. It hurt to hold my hair dryer up for a week. But it was the deep spiritual connection I found that had me hooked. Before yoga, it had only been accessible to me through dance. I had to learn more. (Read about what I learned.)

The rest is history.

I’ve been back in my hometown of Little Rock since late 2015. I lead a rich, fulfilling life moving alongside wonderful and supportive friends, family, and students. I’m proud to serve my community as a full time Dance Department faculty member at Parkview Arts & Science Magnet High School, teach at Rock City Dance Center, and at Camp Yoga & SUP. Outside of the studio you can catch me leading Moon Circles, popping into fitness classes, strolling about with Mr. Darcy (the red heeler in the photo), drinking too many double cappuccinos, adding books to my collection, and leading the occasional workshop and retreat. I hope to see you along the way.

What People Say

Megan’s knowledge and guidance are exactly what you want in a yoga practice. I feel so balanced and the stretches are exactly what I needed. Bonus that her playlists are perfection.

Margaret G.

You’ve done a wonderful job of giving us a ballet program we can be proud of. My daughter’s skills and confidence have bloomed since she’s worked with you and she truly LOVES ballet!

Michelle M.

The twins are having such a positive experience in your class. I love watching them learn and gain confidence. Thank you so much for all the work you do to make the studio such an incredible place. You pour your heart into it, and it shows!

Jenny O.

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