Nativ | Texan

When people ask where I’m from, I almost always reply: Texas.

I spent my childhood in Little Rock, but I was born in Dallas, transitioned into womanhood in Austin, found my true calling in the great state of Texas. Theoretically, we all continue to grow and evolve as the years pass, but from ages 18-32 I feel like that change is pretty profound. Maybe it’s because so many of the experiences are unprecedented, or perhaps with newfound understanding of yourself and the world you interpret and absorb things differently. I have spent literally half of my life in Texas. It is home.

You can guess my answer when Mandy Yelvington messaged me asking my origin for a project she was working on with, Nativ, a local apparel company. Nativ believes that no matter where you roam, adventure, explore, or wander – your roots are with you always. Home isn’t a location, it’s a part of who you are, and how you experience the world around you. Nativ has finally introduced state collections so that we non-Arkansans can enjoy their clean designs, bright colors, and super soft t-shirts and tanks. You can check out all of their awesome products at And as they say… Wander far. 

Images by Mandy Yelvington.




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