What gives you energy?

“To have energy you need love, rest, authentic self-expression, play, safety, creativity, joy, emotional honesty + release, connection, hope, water, security, healthy relationships, adventure, beauty, movement, a happy home and some real effin food.” Kylie McBeath

I saw this quote today on Kylie McBeath’s Instagram (if you don’t follow her already, I highly recommend doing so) today, and it truly resonated with me because I am seriously dragging right now. Feeling physically and emotionally drained after a beautiful (but long) weekend of growth, expansion, yoga, and travel. Some days it feels like the quest for balance is eternal. And maybe to an extent it is… because if you ever manage to cultivate balance, it requires constant nurturing and maintenance to retain.

But it’s given me the inspiration I’ve been needing to sit down and ask myself: What helps me create and build energy?

Here is my working list:
– sleep
– real food (loads of veggies and fruits, some grains and animal protein)
– less sugar + alcohol
– water (drinking it, swimming in it, sitting beside it)
– puppy time
– movement
– human connection
– nature
– music
– hugs
– art
– travel
– opportunity
– new ideas, creativity, inspiration
– space
– laughter
– rest
– books
– adventures
– friendship
– teaching
– security

Reading over these words I notice that I’m doing really great in some areas, not so great in others. So it looks like I’ve got a little self-care to work on.

What gives you energy?



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