Now this is a work of culinary art.

taco copal

In two short months I’ll be leading my first yoga retreat in Paa Mul, Mexico at Copal Retreat. I’m overjoyed (I’m talking over the moon and back excited, here) to have the opportunity to merge to of my most favorite activities – yoga and travel!

I’m not a hotel kind of girl. When I travel, I prefer renting rooms or flats via Airbnb. Staying in neighborhoods among the locals, gives me a more authentic cultural experience. When I stumbled across Copal on Instagram, the thing I found most appealing is that instead of huge, impersonal commercial resort, we’ll be staying in privately owned beachfront villas. The owner will help to tailor our excursions based on our interests and tastes, and having her insider perspective as a local makes me confident that we’ll have adventures and experiences that we wouldn’t otherwise. It all boils down to connection. Let’s experience the food, the people, the land, the music, the dancing. Viva la Mexico!

We still have spots available, so join us for a full week of yoga, beach exploration, and all the delicious taco creations! For more details about the retreat click here. Sign up at Feel free to email me at with any questions!


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