Let’s Get Spooky : Halloween Themed Yoga

It’s one week until Halloween and I’ve had my costume ready for at least two weeks. Here are some fun ways to incorporate Halloween into your kids AND adult yoga classes:

For adult classes, I’d really like to throw on the The Crow soundtrack and go, but sadly it’s only an hour long and I teach some hour-and-a-half classes. Here’s a playlist I put together last fall (with a few updates).

For kids, put together a fun Halloween-themed flow incorporating some of their favorite asanas. The possibilities are endless, and they usually have a few brilliant ideas of their own! Here are some of our favorites:

Spider – Goddess Pose Variation
Bat – Bound Angle Pose
Vampire – Eagle Pose
Crow – Crow Pose
Crooked Tree – Tree Pose
Witch on a Broomstick – Chair Pose
Moon – Crescent Moon or Half Moon Pose
Frog – Garland Pose
Halloween Cat – Cat Pose
Headless Horseman – Bow Pose (complete with rocks!)
Pumpkin – Child’s Pose
Skeleton/Corpse –  Savasana


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