It’s one week until Halloween and I’ve had my costume ready for at least two weeks. Here are some fun ways to incorporate Halloween into your kids AND adult yoga classes:

For adult classes, I’d really like to throw on the The Crow soundtrack and go, but sadly it’s only an hour long and I teach some hour-and-a-half classes. Here’s a playlist I put together last fall (with a few updates).

For kids, put together a fun Halloween-themed flow incorporating some of their favorite asanas. The possibilities are endless, and they usually have a few brilliant ideas of their own! Here are some of our favorites:

Spider – Goddess Pose Variation
Bat – Bound Angle Pose
Vampire – Eagle Pose
Crow – Crow Pose
Crooked Tree – Tree Pose
Witch on a Broomstick – Chair Pose
Moon – Crescent Moon or Half Moon Pose
Frog – Garland Pose
Halloween Cat – Cat Pose
Headless Horseman – Bow Pose (complete with rocks!)
Pumpkin – Child’s Pose
Skeleton/Corpse –  Savasana

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