While in Greece, we were invited by Fotis, a new friend from the tiny village of Sinarades, to watch him perform traditional Greek dancing in a neighboring village. Such an amazing experience for a dancer!

At dusk, we arrived at a hotel/bar with the most incredible view of the sea. Once the sun set, the dancers began by making a semi-circle of fire on the ground between themselves and the audience to dance within. They held each other at arm’s length (literally) and begin to dance.

Step front, together. Step side, together. Scuff, cross, uncross, together. Flick, cross, toe back.

My favorite is when they lunged so low to the ground so that they were almost kneeling, and then pivot in this position. Up to this point, I’ve seen these boys do nothing but lounge at the taverna in Sinarades and cannot help but be amazed (and impressed) with how agile and light on their feet they are.

Fotis says he’s just learned, but he looks so comfortable in his own long, gangly body. He moves well. I’d kill to have a boy like that in one of my ballet classes!

After a few songs, they invite members of the audience to participate. I join – at arms length, of course. We move, linked together, counterclockwise. The dance is simple. Grapevine, left heel hop, right heel double hop. Over and over. Laughter. So much fun.

*Sorry for the poor quality. The tiny light on my iPhone can only do so much.

**Fotis, when you see this… I HAD TO SHARE, I AM A DANCER. 🙂

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