Megan Bettis

Movement artist, dance & yoga instructor, and lover of the life experience. I help people find connection and move from the heart. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope my work helps you move forward.





  • The twins are having such a positive experience in your class. I love watching them learn and gain confidence each time they are in class. Thank you so much for all the work you do to make the studio such an incredible place. You pour your heart into it, and it shows!

    Jenny O.

  • I’m new to yoga so I’m a little nervous about taking certain classes as I feel like I might not be able to keep up. Megan was fabulous! Great energy, happy, bubbly, and had such clear instructions. She was great at explaining the movements and was motivating throughout.

    Stephanie H.

  • Megan’s knowledge and guidance are exactly what you want in a yoga practice. I feel so balanced and the stretches are exactly what I needed. Bonus that her playlists are perfection.

    Margaret G.